The Zero CO₂ Burner for Power Generation

With the Hydrogen Renewal Burner H2R®

Our mission

We fast-track humanity’s evolution to sustainable power generation by delivering both transitional hybrid technologies as well as disruptive destination technologies. – Today.

Our product

The H2R® Burner decarbonises your Gas Turbine ensuring International Emissions compliance with Ultra Low NOx Capability

Our support

  • Feasibility studies
  • Detailed engineering
  • H2R® Burner deliveries
  • On-site installation

H2R® Burner

Decarbonisation of gas turbines

The H2R® Burner can convert gas turbines to zero carbon emission systems with Ultra Low NOx emissions. It operates with any proportion of Natural gas and Hydrogen (in Dry Low NOx Dual Fuel mode).

The H2R® Burner can be adopted immediately as a solution to reduce NOx, and CO₂ at a later stage once hydrogen becomes more readily available.

CO₂ Footprint & CO₂ Tax

Gas turbine emissions in Europe

Natural gas burning gas turbines in Europe produce around over 1150 MT CO₂/year.

Despite the implementation of Renewable Energy Systems for the last 30 years, greenhouse gas emissions had been reduced only by ~ 20%. This is partially due to the intermittency of Renewable Energy Systems which rely on gas turbines to provide back-up power.

Converting gas turbines to operate on hydrogen with our H2R® will reduce the CO₂ emissions considerably.

gas fired turbine plants in Europe

MT of CO2 emitted per year

euro/T carbon taxes on average in Europe

H2R® Burner

Potential of decarbonisation with H2R®

The H2R® eliminates greenhouse gases at the source. Considering gas turbines only in European countries we see a significant decarbonisation potential of over 30% of the CO₂ produced today once our H2R® is widely adopted.

H2R® Burner

Expected CO₂ reduction in Europe

MT CO₂ per year for gas turbines in continuous operation

MT CO₂ per year for gas turbines in balancing operations


of CO₂ currently produced by gas turbines, considering only Europe

H2R® Burner

Zero carbon technology

H2R® Burner

It decarbonises your gas turbine ensuring international emissions compliance with Ultra Low NOx capability.

Key features

H2R® Burner

Destination technology

Eliminates greenhouse gases at the source


Fits to most gas turbines, scalable to 300 MW

Low CO₂

Reduces your CO₂ footprint with zero CO₂ capability

Low NOx

Industry-wide lowest NOx on any gas/hydrogen fuel-blend


Reduces the CO₂ tax burden


Ensures International Emissions/NetZero compliance till 2050

Transitional technology

Operates with natural gas and hydrogen in any proportion

Our partners

Business partners

Our partners

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Who we are

Crosstown H2R

We are passionate about decarbonisation and to deliver a sustainable environment that future generations can enjoy

Crosstown H2R (est. 2022) is a spin-off from Crosstown Power (now in its 21st year of operations) and is a product oriented business for delivering customised H2R® Burners for gas turbine decarbonisation and NOx reduction.

Our expertise

Business & engineering professionals

Crosstown H2R is manned by business & engineering  professionals who have been developing and delivering gas turbines and associated combustion burners for over four decades:

Gas turbines

The H2R® team has previously worked with GT manufacturers such as ABB, ALSTOM, GE, Rolls-Royce and SIEMENS

Hydrogen combustion

The team previously developed and deployed a 40% hydrogen combustion system (1997) which operated for over 15 years

Gas turbines with hydrogen

The team has recently launched gas turbines which operate in the field with over 50% hydrogen

Hydrogen burners

The team has successfully developed & demonstrated hydrogen burners with 100% H₂ content at gas turbine running conditions